3 Top Administrative Legal Jobs in Philadelphia


Working in the legal sector in Philadelphia can be a great career choice for many reasons. While a lot of people think about attorneys and barristers when thinking of legal jobs, you also have to remember the importance of support roles such as administrative legal roles and paralegal services. These are also specialist roles, and you can work toward them with the right qualifications and skills.

You can then create a professional resume using resume examples online to try and secure a well-paid administrative legal position in Philadelphia.

When you work in the legal field in administrative positions, you will find plenty of space for progression. In addition, you can get some very well-paying jobs. It is important to take the right steps to get into this type of career such as gaining the necessary qualifications and skills, registering on job sites for legal positions, and creating a great resume. It is also important to look at your options and work out what type of legal jobs are best for you. In this article, we will look at a few of the top administrative legal jobs in Philadelphia that you can consider.

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You will find plenty of legal administrative job opportunities in Philadelphia depending on the skills, qualifications, and expertise you have.

Some of the options you can consider for legal jobs are:

  •  Judicial Law Clerk: Positions such as these are held in the administrative offices of courts and come with an average salary of around $68,000. You will need relevant legal experience to get into this type of job. Moreover, you also need to ensure you have the necessary qualifications so this is something you will need to research. It involves legal research as well as analysis, and you will need to work alongside other administrative staff members and teams. 
  •  Pro Bono Coordinator: This is another very interesting and rewarding legal career option and comes with an average salary of around $52,000 a year to start. In this type of role, you need to have strong administrative skills and excellent organizational skills. Various duties can be involved with this sort of position. So, in addition to having specialist administrative skills, you also need to be adaptable and flexible.
  •  Legal Receptionist: This is a great option for those with excellent customer service skills and strong communication skills. Work is available in places such as law offices in Philadelphia. In this city, you can look forward to dealing with a diverse range of people. The salary can vary based on the employer, but you can expect something in the range of $36,000-$33,000 per year. Having relevant experience in a customer service position can help you to gain entry into this type of work.

These are just a few of the legal jobs that you can consider in Philadelphia. Those who have the right skills and qualifications have plenty of room for progression as well as good earnings.

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