3 Innovations in Healthcare That Can Lead to Faster Medical Treatment


The field of medicine in general is one that is in constant development. With medical and healthcare professionals constantly working in order to bring about new developments and innovations, it is easy to see how the world of healthcare as it is today is starkly different to how it was even just a decade ago. 

One part of healthcare that receives a great deal of attention has to do with access to faster, more efficient treatment. There are too many cases of patients who are in the midst of a medical emergency but are unable to get the treatment that they need in time. Thankfully, there are individuals who dedicate their efforts and talents toward solving this problem and providing faster medical treatment to those who need it.

Here are three such innovations in healthcare that are helping to provide faster, more efficient treatment.

1. An Ambulance You Can Contact Via an App

These days, you would be hard-pressed to find any industry that hasn’t taken advantage of the many benefits that come with making a particular service available via a smartphone app. The number of people who own and use smartphones on a daily basis is simply too tempting to pass up for retail purposes. That being said, the use of apps in the medical community isn’t unheard of, either.

There are actually companies that now allow you to call for an ambulance using an app on your phone, such as Ambulnz. This means that instead of having to call in and wait for an operator to answer and address your issues, you can reach out immediately to summon an ambulance in the event that a patient needs to be transported safely to a medical facility. 

2. 3D Printed Medical Devices

There are many medical instances that might result in the necessity of a patient being fitted with a prosthetic or other medical device. In such cases, it can take a great deal of time in order to have the device manufactured to the precise specifications that are needed. Researchers and medical device developers have sought to tackle this issue by implementing the use of 3D printers in the manufacturing of such devices.

By using a 3D printer, as opposed to traditional methods, a medical device or prosthetic can be manufactured for a patient in far less time than it would have taken in the past. This means that a patient can be fitted with the right device faster than it was previously thought possible.

3. Urgent Care Clinics

One problem in healthcare that has yet to be completely solved involves the amount of time that patients tend to wait for emergency care. An innovation that is making great headway in solving this problem is that of the emergence of urgent care clinics.

These are standalone medical facilities that patients can go to when they are experiencing a medical issue that isn’t life-threatening. This helps the patient to avoid the long wait at the hospital emergency room, takes some of the burden off of the hospital, and allows access to more affordable care.

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