Eagles beat Redskins; Advance to NFL Playoffs: The Morning After


Good morning campers!

Good morning campers!

Right off, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year’s holiday! Follow the advice of that late, great sage, Sgt. Phil Esterhaus: “Let’s be careful out there.”

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Let’s get to getting…

*To be honest, there’s not a whole helluva lot to opine on yesterday’s game. The Eagles did what they needed to do; they beat a bad team; check that, they obliterated a bad team. And I can say the following with 100% objectivity: I would NOT want to be playing the Eagles right now.

*Yes, I know they let the Redskins hang around a little too long, but eventually, they handled their business, put their foot on the Skins throat and never let up. Course, it helps that the Skins’ QB was a guy who hadn’t played in years prior to a month ago, yet somehow managed to overtake the mighty Mark Sanchez for the starting spot.


*As for next week, as I said, I would not want to be playing this Eagles team right now, for they are on a roll and they have that “vibe” about them again. No, I am NOT predicting another Super Bowl. What I am predicting, however, is that the Bears will be facing a very confident team who also happen to be the defending Super Bowl champion.

For the rest of this TMA, I want to share some random thoughts on the NFL as a whole…

*Of course, before we bury the Bears next week, we must praise them this week, for if they had lost to the Vikings, the Eagles win would have been for naught.

*Speaking of the Vikings, it may be time to break up that band, at least on defense. Unfortunately, for Vikings fans they are stuck – appropriate word – with Kirk Cousins as their QB. Watching ol’ Kirk barely get to 100 yards passing yesterday makes you realize just how lucky Eagles fans are to have TWO high-quality NFL quarterbacks.

*As I’m writing this, I just came across this tweet from ESPN: “Unless there’s a tie in the Colts-Titans game, the Steelers will become the 3rd team since the current playoff format was instituted in 1990 to miss the playoffs after starting 7-2-1 or better.” If you watched the ending of the Browns/Ravens game, you saw just how close the Steelers came to sneaking into the playoffs. But here’s the thing: they didn’t deserve to get in. You were 7-2-1 and you need help to make the playoffs on the last weekend of the season? I don’t think so.

*Oh yeah, big (sarcastic) shoutout to those 49ers. My biggest fear going into the late games was that the Rams would jump out to a big lead, and in turn, the Bears would not play all-out knowing that no matter how their game turned out, they could not change their playoff seeding. Sure enough, it was 14-0 Rams before anyone knew it. Fortunately, the Bears continued to play hard and the Vikings, well… they were the Vikings.

Hey Niners, here’s a message courtesy of Maggie O’Hooligan, who infamously laid into one Daniel Noonan with this epic line. This sums up all Eagles fans’ thoughts on your pathetic performance yesterday:



*Another team I would not want to face in the playoffs are the Baltimore Ravens. If you have not seen Lamar Jackson play QB yet, you’re missing out. This kid is something special, and in a year where we all went gaga over Patrick Mahomes, Jackson flew under the radar, mostly due to the fact that he did not begin the season as the Ravens’ starting QB. He, along with their defense, is going to give opposing teams fits in the playoffs.

*Will this be the year Big Red gets back to the Super Bowl? His Chiefs have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, so the road to Atlanta in the AFC will go thru KC. I will be rooting for Reid. Seriously. I will be. But it will not surprise me in the least if they are eliminated in their first playoff game. That’s how it is with the Big Fella. It’s all or nothing.

*Speaking of teams that could be one and done, the Dallas Cowboys. Their playoff futility is well-documented. They have not won a playoff game since January 2015, and I give the Seahawks significantly more than a puncher’s chance to go into Jerry Land and leave with a W next week.

*As of the time of this writing there have already been two NFL coaches fired, Dirk Koetter in Tampa and Todd Bowles in New York (Jets). There will be more, many more by tomorrow. If you recall, I went through my coaching carousel in last week’s TMA, including predicting both Koetter and Bowles would be fired. No, I am no Nostradamus, as anyone could’ve predicted their demise. Other names that will go include Steve Wilks (Cardinals), Marvin Lewis (Bengals) and Vance Joseph (Broncos), among others.

That’s all I got… for now.

As hard as it is to believe, Harry, the Eagles are headed to the playoffs. It all goes down Sunday at 4:40.

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