Eagles surge late, edge Redskins: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Good morning campers,


Gonna jump right in here and break the game down by halves.

First Half

*Did anyone else notice Lane Johnson’s false start that wasn’t flagged on the Eagles first TD?


Here’s a video of it via NFL on Twitter:


And in case you missed this yesterday, the same thing happened in the Chargers/Steelers game with the Chargers not being flagged for a false start on a play which resulted in a TD.



*How original it was to hear a national broadcaster like Jason Witten go the “Boo/throw snowballs at Santa Claus” well. Incredible. No, you know what it is? It’s LAZY broadcasting, that’s what it is. When you trot out something that is close to FIFTY YEARS OLD, what else would you call it? But then again, we all know this crew is horrifically bad, and hopefully one and done. Don’t they know the guys at P2P wrote a book on throwing snowballs at Santa Claus?!

*What exactly was going on with the Birds inability to hold onto the ball in 1Q? Did you see this? While they didn’t lose any of the fumbles, they seemed to be collectively unable to hold onto the ball.

*Ok, the Redskins bring in a QB who has been with the team for just TWO WEEKS. A QB Eagles fans all too well – Mark fu%$ing Sanchez. What do you think the Redskins will dial up for his VERY FIRST PLAY? That’s right kids, a running play. The whole damned world knew what was coming. So naturally, Adrian Methuselah Peterson takes the handoff and proceeds to have the longest run of his career!

*Have to really question Doug Pederson’s decision to not only go for it on 4th and Goal, but the play call as well. How can you not have Carson Wentz roll out with a run/pass option? Let #11 put the pressure on the defense and allow him to freelance if you will. Horrible play call. Just horrible.


Second Half

*Obviously a completely different half, at least on the scoreboard

*It was not a completely different half for Wentz, however. Yes, he made some incredible throws, especially on the run, but he also made some very poor throws as well, which I think is a microcosm of his entire year. He has been very inconsistent; un-Wentz like if you will. Throws he made with ease last year are a struggle for some reason this year. Very inconsistent. Kind of describes the whole team, doesn’t it?

*Man, did we get a great glimpse into Golden Tate and what he brings? He’s known for his ability to get yardage after the catch and he lived up to that hype and then some. Not sure what the future holds for him beyond this year, but my thinking is #19 may be back.

*Exactly why did ESPN feel the need to repeatedly show Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and president Bruce Allen? The game was in Philly last night, right? I get the network wanted to work in the whole Skins signing of Reuben Foster – which BTW is a disgrace and kudos to Witten for calling them on the carpet – but a little too much Snyder and Allen for my liking.

*How great is it that Steve Austin is back? No, not the wrestler! The original Steve Austin (AKA: The Six Million Dollar Man!) He’s starring in a new Honda TV spot. Well, the claymation version is starring in it to be precise but hey, it’s still Steve Austin; it’s still Lee Majors! Someone get me Oscar Goldman on the phone, stat!



*Wait, Mark Sanchez threw an ill-advised pass that was intercepted? Wait, wait… I know I’ve heard this scenario before with Mark Sanchez. Don’t help me, it’ll come to me.

*For the second straight year an undrafted rookie RB is making an impact for the Birds. Last year, Corey Clement came out of nowhere, and this year it’s Josh Adams, who is more than showing he can play at this level.

*Ok going forward? In all honesty, I don’t think this team can beat the Cowboys playing the way they are, and what I mean by that is, for example, on offense, they are leaving way too many points on the field, and beating the Redskins with either Colt McCoy and Sanchez is not exactly resume-worthy. It’s like beating the Giants.

Till next time…

Steve Olenski
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