Eagles eke out win against Giants: The Morning After



Good morning campers,


Good morning campers,

Did we all enjoy the balmy weather? Well at least those in the Philly area were treated to some very unseasonable weather. Maybe the Eagles are “heating up” too? Yeah I know, that was extremely cheesy, but go easy on me, I’m not used to writing after a W.


Let’s get to getting…

*It was a very Dickensian game, for it was absolutely a tale of two halves. For example Giants RB Saquon Barkley, who ran roughshod over a depleted Eagles defense in the first half for 94 yards, only touched the ball 5 times in the entire second half—including sitting out an entire Giants series for unknown reasons, according to the NY Daily News. Want another example? The Giants had 56 total net yards in the second half after amassing 346 in the first half.

*Speaking of the Eagles D, they were essentially bystanders the entire first half—offering little to no resistance. And yes, I realize the Eagles secondary featured such legends as Cre’von LeBlanc, Chandon Sullivan, and De’Vante Bausby, but Fletcher Cox is still playing, right? Michael Bennett, Chris Long, Brandon Graham; they’re not hurt, are they? Did I miss something? My point is that on one hand, you have a secondary that is, well… not good. But we all knew that. What we didn’t know nor expect was the Eagles pass rush and run defense to be non-existent in the first half.

*The second half, however was “the best of times” as the Birds put pressure on Eli and held the Giants to the aforementioned 56 total net yards.

*Now, the cynic in me wonders aloud whether this was a reflection of the Eagles improved play, or the Giants inexplicably odd play calling? I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who would argue for either side. Me? I think it’s more the Giants poor play than the Eagles playing better.

*THIS JUST IN: The Eagles Special Teams are putrid. Remember, this is a unit on a given team that normally DOES feature backup players – unlike say, the starting cornerbacks. Point being, a special teams squad has one job, basically. Ok, I know it’s more than one, but a HUGE part of their job? Tackle! Stay in their lanes and tackle! This ain’t rocket science, kids.

*Zach Ertz is having a season for the ages. His numbers are staggering, but you know what I was most impressed by yesterday? The fact that be actually broke some tackles! Get the shovels out kids, it’s gonna snow. Ok, I know I’m being hard on Zach, but truth be told, he has become one of the top 3 tight ends in the entire NFL who is almost virtually un-coverable at this point.

*Be honest, does Carson Wentz look right to you? C’mon, be honest. Does he look right? Yes, I know he’s coming off a major injury, but exactly how long will that excuse be used? Clearly, he’s not running like he used to, and that was and is to be expected. Fine. But his decision making? Do I think he’s overrated, which some nitwits both locally and nationally have espoused? Of course not. I’m just wondering aloud if anyone is noticing some, let’s say, oddities in Wentz’s game this year that we’re not accustomed to seeing?


*Somehow, some way, the Eagles are still alive in the playoff race – VERY much alive for that matter, given the pathetic state of the NFC East. Next week, they welcome the Alex Smith-less Skins to town, while the Cowboys host the Saints—and we’re all familiar with how good the Saints are this year.

Till next time…

Steve Olenski
Former Forbes Contributor/CMO Whisperer/Writer/Coffee Drinker
| “If you’re a CMO or marketing leader you owe it to yourself to follow Steve and read/listen to what he has to say. Plus he’s just a super-nice, funny, and down-to-earth guy.” Julie Lyle, former CMO of Walmart



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