Ghostbusters Reboot: 5 Reasons To Check It Out


 Bustin makes me feel good!

 Bustin makes me feel good!

The update of the 80’s classic Ghostbusters has seen its fair share of publicity leading into its theatrical release this week.

Unfortunately, most of the social media buzz has been widely negative.

The overall sentiment among fans post announcement was that the concept of an all-female reboot desecrated the hallowed paranormal ground upon which the 1984 film was laid. This negativity was only enhanced by the release of the film’s official trailer in March, which to date has garnered almost a million dislikes on YouTube.

Having seen the film, I can confirm that Ghostbusters 2016 is not the train wreck that many thought (and hoped) it would be. Paul Feig’s update is highly entertaining and sometimes very funny.  

That said, the film can’t touch the original as far as cultural and memorable impact, and tends to fall into that generic middle-of-the-road category after a strong first half.  In the end, however, this well intentioned remake is still quality summer entertainment.

Here are a few reasons to check out the new Ghostbusters on the big screen:

5. Paul Feig

Let’s face it. As much as you’d like to argue that the new Ghostbusters is the worst thing to happen to cinema since Ghostbusters 2, the truth of the matter is that Paul Feig knows comedy. Strike that- Feig knows female driven comedy. Both Spy and The Heat were funny films and really capitalized on the talents of Melissa McCarthy. Look no further than to movies like Tammy to understand what atrocities result with the wrong director at the helm. There was also that little flick called Bridesmaids, which was Feig’s breakout hit and may be the best female ensemble comedy of the past decade.


4. The Cameos

You may have seen Dan Aykroyd pop up in the TV spots for Ghostbusters as a random cab driver. He is only one of the many cameos throughout the film, all of which are a blast to watch play out. Almost every member of the original cast make appearances, and most of them have been organically woven into the film instead of carelessly wedged in as fan service. There’s even a sweet post-humus reference to the late Harold Ramis so keep your eyes peeled.


3. Chemistry between the leads

One of the most important and critical components of the original Ghostbusters was the chemistry between the cast. Bill Murray and company created major comic fireworks back in the 1984 film. There’s no topping that cast, but the assembly of talent here is terrific and all four actresses play off each other very well. Kristen Wiig is fantastically droll, McCarthy works wonders with comic timing, and Kate McKinnon delivers an unpredictable tour de force turn that plays like Bill Murray on crack.


2. Chris Hemsworth

Ghostbusters also has a secret weapon. No one paid much attention to the casting of Chris Hemsworth as the male receptionist seeing that his previous comedy experience was almost non-existent. After watching his performance, I’d argue that Hemsworth has a future in comedy if he’s interested. He not only exceeds expectations as the dumb hunky supporting player, but practically runs away with the film when all is said and done. His performance alone is worth the price of admission.


1. The Nostalgia Factor

Following the trend that was established last summer by Jurassic World and then The Force Awakens later in the year, Ghostbusters plays the nostalgia card big time. Whether it’s the appearance by ghost veteran Slimer or the continuous sound of Ray Parker Jr’s hit song pumping throughout the soundtrack, Ghostbusters is living in the world of its predecessor. There are the obvious updates (the female cast being the biggest addition), but it’s hard to overly fault a film that bears so much of the original’s spirit. Ghostbusters 2016 never takes interest in one-upping the 1984 classic but rather seems content to confidently stand in its shadow.  

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