Film legend Sophia Loren shares life stories with an Atlantic City audience


Italian cinema star

Italian cinema star Sophia Loren recently made a very special appearance at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

At 81-years-old, the icon is embarking on her first series of live, in-person engagements. Many loyal fans were excited to hear the legend talk about her life and career. The question-and-answer tour is one of a dozen planned visits in the United States, following the 2014 publication of her first memoir, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life. Until now, Loren hasn’t done a tour in which she talks about her life and career. Sophia Loren and Veronica Dudo. Photo: AC Photo/Gregg Kohl

“I can surprise,” she quipped at the beginning of An Evening with Sophia Loren in Atlantic City. Always honest about her childhood, Loren took the audience through many phases of her life, including her time growing up in Pozzuoli, a small suburb of Naples, where her family struggled to find food during World War II. While remembering her youth, she explained that other children nicknamed her ‘toothpick,’ since she was so skinny.

Loren’s film career began when she was cast as an extra in the 1951 film Quo Vadis, which starred Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr and Peter Ustinov. She soon caught the eye of casting directors, but finding the right camera angle to enhance her unique features proved to be a little challenging. In time, however, a legendary career was born.


Loren also shared wonderful stories about the people who were important to her. She starred opposite some of Hollywood’s most famous leading men and spoke about many iconic colleagues and friends including Cary Grant, Richard Burton, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, Marcello Mastroianni and her husband, Carlo Ponti. 


The recipient of two Academy Awards, Loren revealed that the best period of her life was, “when I had my children and I raised them,” she said clasping her hands with a smile. 


In honor of her 80th birthday, Loren starred in a glamorous Dolce & Gabanna lipstick campaign, having a new shade of red named after her.


“I look very good in red,” she explained while wearing a red suit during her evening in Atlantic City. Currently, Loren is starring in a commercial for the design house called a “beauty film” for perfume.

Before saying goodbye to friends who have loved her for decades, Loren said for her, the key to life is simple: “you have to be happy.”

Veronica Dudo is an award-winning journalist covering everything from breaking news to red carpet celebrity interviews. You can also catch Veronica on Me-TV.  Follow her on Twitter @VeronicaDudo and Facebook

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Photo Credit: AC Photo/Gregg Kohl

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