‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Episode 14 Recap: “Moonlight on the Bayou”


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Photo: CW


Valerie helps guide Stefan (Paul Wesley) to a safe house in New Orleans. Even hundred something year- old vampires can’t go more than ten minutes without using their cell phone, which prompts Stefan to stop for a new charger. However, the quick trip to the quickie mart allows Rayna (Veronica Galvez) to almost catch him. Luckily, he is able to get away at least for the time being.

Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) try to find a way to help Stefan. They arrive at an armory which Enzo (Michael Malarkey) explains the house belongs to a supernatural group who want information from Rayna. So the plan is to get Stefan to be used as bait, only to have Enzo’s new friends capture Rayna. As planned, Ric (Matt Davis) is ready to leave Mystic Falls for good. Now that the twins are born, he doesn’t want to risk any supernatural harm that could come their way. He’s lined up a new job in Dallas, and Caroline (Candice Accola) tags along to help.

Stefan finally arrives to the safe house. Before he can settle in, he runs into Klaus (Joseph Morgan). They both exchange artificial banter, with no hesitation on Klaus’ part to mention Caroline aka the one that got away.

When Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) discovers Enzo’s plan, she quickly warns Damon and Bonnie. Apparently, the heretics have also had a run in with the armory. They used Beau for the same reasons, but were willing to sacrifice him in order to get what they wanted. Enzo two steps ahead of them, knocks Damon out. He later wakes up in a cell with Tyler (Michael Trevino). This a true test of Tyler’s patience, as he fights all urges to transition back into a werewolf.

Enzo tries to convince her to be on his side, but she stays loyal to Damon. I guess on a slight scale of who is less evil, Damon wins by a hair. Klaus plays devil’s advocate by informing Stefan that although they are together, there is no way that she would abandon the twins after just giving birth to them.

Stefan puts Klaus’ “friendly” advice aside and asks he help him with Rayna. Apparently, Rayna is from New Orleans and is all too familiar with her work. He informs Stefan that she will never stop, there is nothing he can do to help him and he should leave New Orleans immediately.

Tyler insists that Damon tell Enzo’s gang where Stefan is. “Stefan has a bad habit of taking bullets aimed at me” Damon explains to Tyler. Tyler’s rage continues and begins to turn. Regardless, Tyler feels it’s in Damon’s best interest, considering his friends no longer have to clean up his messes if he’s dead.

Bonnie’s magic is temporarily down, and the only way to open the cell is with Enzo’s hand print. With no time to waste, Bonnie cuts off Enzo’s hand to save Damon. Rayna finally catches up to Stefan and is saved just in time by Klaus. For whatever reason, Klaus followed Stefan as a backup. I guess having children really brings out the good in you.

Realizing what Tyler has told him, Damon retracts his statement to Bonnie to save him (too bad he didn’t have that revelation before Bonnie chopped off Enzo’s hand). After healing him, the armory clan tries to convince Enzo to stay, but he has had enough. He just wanted to know where he came from (not lose limbs in the process).

Damon takes Bonnie to the hospital after getting hit in the crossfire of Tyler’s rage. The dose Enzo gave her also blocks vampire blood from healing her. Klaus offers to take him to see a witch who may be able to rid him of Rayna once and for all. But not before he gives Stefan a reason to doubt his feelings for Caroline. 


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