Eagles stumble against Chiefs; Andy Reid and McNabb return: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Good morning campers,

Not sure how good of a morning it is what with Andy Reid returning to town and leaving town 3-0 following what was one of the ugliest games of recent memory. And that’s saying a lot – considering the Eagles played in quite a few ugly games under Reid  

Was it just me, or was there that unmistakable feeling of déjà vu all over again? It was a big game for many reasons; it was on national TV and the Eagles came out flat, unprepared and seemingly uninspired.

How many times did we see the same M.O. under Reid in years’ past?

Too many, that’s how many. tma logo

In keeping with the TMA tradition following an Eagles loss – a particular bad and ugly loss that is, we’re going all out, all rapid-fire.


*How in the world does the NFL Network NOT come out of break in time to allow viewers to hear Eagles’ PA announcer Dan Baker make the announcement regarding the Eagles thanking Reid as he came on the field? We eventually saw a replay of it, but are you kidding me? After all the hype and buildup, and you don’t come out of break or time this accordingly with the Eagles in the first place?

*Did anyone else notice the “4th & Inches” that flashed on screen right before the Chiefs snapped the ball for their first offensive play of the game? Not a single play had been run, yet somehow the Chiefs faced a 4th down and Inches. It was quickly taken off the screen, but perhaps the same numbnut who was supposed to air the PA announcement live was the same one responsible for the down and distance faux pas.

*It was nice to hear NFL Network Color Analyst Mike Mayock have our backs. In case you missed it, he referred to Eagles’ fans as being “much maligned.” Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Mike is from the area, but it was still nice to hear a national broadcaster say that.

*The same Mayock, later in the game, referred to the Chiefs defense as having a “soft box.” He was referring to the fact that they only had four down linemen and one linebacker close to the line of scrimmage, but the juvenile in me couldn’t help but chuckle.

*I’ll give a dollar to the first person who can tell me just what the hell Chip Kelly was thinking going for two following the Eagles’ first TD.

*I don’t know who this person is, but the Eagles better find another threat or two to counter-balance DeSean Jackson in the passing game. I don’t know if you noticed, but Riley Cooper ain’t scaring no one. And while Jason Avant is a nice player with great hands, he’s not keeping opposing defenses up late at night, either. Clearly, teams are realizing that Jackson is the Birds’ only legitimate threat through the air and as such are double-teaming him. Perhaps two tight end sets are in order.

Time for The DG (DisGraceful) Report with Matt Grace

Yo Yo do these birds blow (Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day). MG here with this weeks DG report. Should I make it easy and say everything about last night’s game is DG? MG is not happy with this team. OK I will stop the third person. #5 should follow too. I would have loved to see Ronde Barber come out and ruin it like vintage WCW wrasslin back in the day. Where is Tony  Schiavone when you need him?tony and ric flair.png

Thanks Nature Boy! whooo. This was a bad game. I literally had a enough on the first snap (over Vicks head) of the second half.

I could not find one Eagles player (not named Vinny Curry) to give a game ball. Lets give it to the fans! Only true Philly fans knew that they would heartily cheer Andy. Great Job .

This week’s DG report:

1) Did the Birds know the game started at 8:25? Was Chip on Oregon time? Hey Chip, your team needs to show up on time.

2) Damaris Johnson promptly thanked Andy for giving him a job by dropping the punt; Disgraceful to field a punt with that bad a form.

3) Michael Vick needs to hang with Jason Kelce more. There is no connection between the two. They are not on the same page.

4) Overall, the defense played OK except for 3rd and long, but that is why you play defense. It’s going to be a long year with this group.

5) Did you notice there is no veteran leadership on defense? Could someone mention to Nate Allen to look out, because the play may be coming your way on 3rd & long?

6) The offense is still a work in progress and why is Riley Cooper on this team? He is still a receiver on a 4-12 team. No improvement.

7) You cannot win with five turnovers and your QB rating at 43. Stop test driving cars at 3:30pm on game days, Mike.  

8) You cannot not win when your kicker gets a penalty for a horse collar tackle on a kickoff.

9) This is not Chip’s team yet. The secondary is a work in progress. I would go with Rich Miano and Terry Hoage at this point.

10) Finally, cheers to Vinny Curry! First sack of his career. Played with fire and intensity.  

Well boys and girls the big game is over and now on to the rest of the season. I think we are still a 4-win team with the Chipper. The personnel from last year does not have the talent to win in the NFL. I have no expectations except to see improvement from week to week. That does not necessarily mean more wins but (here we go) it means putting the “right” players “in better positions to win” (I can’t believe MG typed that). I can’t believe I am writing in 3rd person again. Thanks #5. Time Yours. Rest up it’s going to be a Manning of a headache for next game. Go Birds!

Back to you, Steve…

*Let me see if I got this straight: When it was 3rd and short for the Chiefs offense, the Eagles defense stood tall and stopped them repeatedly. When it was 3rd and long for the Chiefs offense the Eagles defense wilted repeatedly in turn, making journeyman receiver Donnie Avery the second coming of Jerry Rice. Is that right? Is that how it worked?

*Speaking of déjà vu, the time in Eagles’ history when Andy Reid was most successful was then he had a good defense with a great coordinator – Jim Johnson. Now with the Chiefs, he is 3-0 behind what else, a good defense. Not sure how great their coordinator is, but clearly the Chiefs offense is nothing to write home about. And by the way, Alex Smith stinks with a capital S and a capital TINKS. How the Eagles did not record one turnover, get one interception on this stiff is mind-boggling.

*So LeSean McCoy gets injured near the end of the first half and insightful sideline reporter Alex Flanagan, a few minutes later, breaks in with this clinically-detailed diagnosis: “The Eagles are calling it a right leg… back to you.” Ok, maybe ol’ Alex forgot the word that was supposed to come right after the word leg but, c’mon Al, baby, you’re a professional. Photo: Michael Perez/AP

*I saw a report posted on Facebook posted from someone seated near the McNabb family’s box in the Linc during the game. In the report the writer claimed that after the Chiefs went up by 14, the McNabb clan was seen laughing; having fun, etc. Now I am not stating (nor was the writer) that the McNabbs were celebrating the Chiefs’ good fortune. But the fact that they were supposedly so happy and joyous at such a down time for Eagles’ fans tells you how incredibly clueless Donovan McNabb truly is and always will be. He never understood what it meant to play here and he never will.

At first, I was surprised to see his #5 retired so soon after he retired. But now that I think about it, I am glad they did it when they did. For now, hopefully, we won’t have to see him again for quite some time- say 100 years or so.

*Let me see if I got this straight part II: Not only does Vinny Curry not play in the first two games, he does not even dress for either game. Yet when he does get his chance, as he did last night, he records a sack and plays an all-around solid game, getting pressure on the QB. And whose call was it sit him the first two games? The brilliant Billy Davis? We’ll never know but somebody screwed up.

*This was an all-around team effort in the loss kids but, BUT the one unit that should take the least amount of criticism is the defense. As bad as they looked during the game, they are simply not that good. We all know that. However, the offense is supposed to be good, are they not? They are supposed to move the ball and not turn it over. The offensive line is supposed to be one of the strengths of this team. Not sure you noticed but they have not had a great game from start to finish yet.

And let’s not forget the not-so-special teams. Right from the outset they played horribly. And while we’re at it, someone check Eagles’ Kicker Alex Henery for steroids. That guy is huge. Kenny Banya-huge.

*Remember, my keyword for the Eagles this year is P*A*T*I*E*N*C*E. Not saying I have any, but you all should.

No, in all seriousness, we all need to collectively have patience knowing that this is a rebuilding year; this is a work in progress.


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