Santa Tracker 2012: NORAD Chooses Bing Over Google For This Christmas Eve


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Each year millions of children and parents around the globe gaze at their computers on Christmas Eve tracking Santa Claus’ voyage across the earth with the NORAD Santa Tracker. 

The Santa Tracker has become a yearly tradition for millions of families both in the United States and abroad. Santa Tracks NORADWhat started in 1955 became an internet sensation the past few years and grew to include a Google Earth Santa tracker along with mobile phone tracking. Up until last year, NORAD and Google joined forces to track Santa’s journey across the globe.

This year, NORAD has joined forces with Bing with their Santa Tracker.  It should come as little surprise that Google wants to crush Bing any way they can following the agreement to part ways with NORAD. Therefore, Google has taken it upon themselves to compete with their own Santa tracker.

NORAD, who has teamed with Bing, will utilize their map program online. They will also update Kris Kringle’s progress on the NORAD Tracks Santa website, as well as the Facebook page and their Twitter feed @NoradSanta. In addition, Santa can even be tracked through OnStar.

NORAD, which realizes what a goldmine they have, has also trademarked the phrase “NORAD tracks Santa.” They also hired a licensed company to sell t-shirts and other gear related to their Santa tracker.

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As mobile devices have become as much a part of our kids lives as their schoolbooks, Santa’s whereabouts can also be tracked easily on smartphone devices.

Here are many other resources on the Santa tracker when your kids ask you “Where is Santa Claus?”

* To use Bing’s Santa Tracker: First go to, choose your language, and take it from there. This will be the first year of NORAD’s alliance with Bing, but we can expect that it will be similar to past years. The only difference is Bing Maps will be utilized.

* To find Santa on Google’s service: Check out On Christmas Eve Google will unveil a preview of Santa’s “dashboard.”

* Looking to track Santa with your mobile device? Go to Google’s Santa tracker site for details on downloading the APP for use with Android phones. You can even get a personal call from Old Saint Nick, by utilizing Google voice.

* There is even a Santa YOUTUBE Channel. Santa Claus’ command center on YouTube is at You will then be able to watch videos of his voyage throughout the evening.

* For REAL-TIME information about Santa’s coordinates: Use Google’s Realtime Search to get updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

* If your kids want to send Santa a tweet, have them type in @NoradSanta. And, you can keep up with Santa’s day-long voyage on his Facebook page.

Have fun tracking Santa’s journey with your children starting on Christmas Eve at 2:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time. As of this writing – the countdown clock for when Santa’s journey begins will be in 17 hours as of 9:00 A.M. on Sunday morning.

We at would like to wish you and your families a safe and Merry Christmas!

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