Eagles Lose to Packers 21-16, Packers Fan’s Car Vandalized By Eagles Fans, and Snow Storm Expected Tuesday


The Omelette Monday January 10, 2011

Eagles Lose to Packers 21-16 On Vick Interception

The Omelette Monday January 10, 2011

Eagles Lose to Packers 21-16 On Vick Interception

Another Philadelphia team has seen it’s 2010 season end in disappointment as the Eagles lost to the Packers 21-16 yesterday. The Flyers Stanley Cup hopes ended in Game 6 on a goal which got through Michael Leighton from the most insane angle ever. The Phillies’ championship hopes ended on a Ryan Howard strikeout. And, the Eagles’ Super Bowl aspirations ended on a Michael Vick interception. Yesterday was a very winnable game. Despite the Eagles’ defensive deficiencies, they played much better in the second half and had it not been for two David Akers misses we’d be talking about them playing the Bears this Sunday. Instead, another Eagles season ends in disppointment.

Packers Fan’s Car Vandalized By Eagles Fans

In a disgusting incident following the Eagles 21-16 loss to Green Bay, a Packers fan’s car was vandalized by bitter Eagles fans. After the game, they found their car has been vandalized – with a broken mirror, dents and footprints on the side panel and roof. Another nearby Packers fan’s car sustained similar damage.This is exactly why Philadelphia fans get the bad rap they do. I’m sick and tired of many Philadelphia fans dismissing these incidents and saying “we’re the most passionate in sports” because these incidents do happen often (i.e. taser incident and Matthew Clemmons). And, there is a certain faction of Philly sports fans who deem it acceptable for Eagles fans to committ acts of violence against fans who choose to wear jerseys of another team in the stadium. It’s a free country and one shouldn’t be subjected to violence because they wear another team’s jersey. While it’s disappointing that the Eagles lost, it’s not the end of the world. Losing a football game isn’t life and death and cause for destroying someone else’s property. That is criminal and deplorable.

Significant Snow Storm Set to Arrive Tuesday Afternoon

We’re just 10 days into the year and our fourth snowfall of the year is expected tomorrow in the Philadelphia region. Of course the latest snow storm is due to arrive just in time for Tuesday’s afternoon rush hour and will end on…Wednesday morning during rush hour. It’s expected that anywhere from 6 to 10 inches will fall within the Philadelphia region.

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