Phillies embarrass themselves as Giants win the pennant on their home field


Somewhere, the Philadelphia Eagles’ brain trust is probably popping champagne.Ryan Howard photo: Getty Images

Somewhere, the Philadelphia Eagles’ brain trust is probably popping champagne.Ryan Howard photo: Getty Images

The 2010 Phillies losing the pennant to the San Fransisco Giants has officially supplanted the 2002 Eagles loss to Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship Game as the greatest upset in Philadelphia sports history. The big, bad, Phillies- finishing with the best record in baseball for the first time ever, layed an egg whose smell will last the rest of this off-season and probably the beginning of next year.

Three of the four losses this series were credited to our very own H2O- the trio who whose arms were supposed to take the Phightins to the promised land. Now we know how the 2008 Angels and Cubs felt. Only difference is, the Phillies are an experienced veteran team with four consecutive playoff appearances.

Who looked more like the scared puppy this series? The upstart, duct-taped lineup assembled Giants? Or one of baseball’s best-known “powerhouses”? A bench clearing skirmish couldn’t even spark the Phillies in Game 6. Here is my take on the game as I list some random thoughts.

Juan Uribe has done more with a sprained wrist than any player who has ever played in the NLCS, including hitting the pennant-winning home run off the best reliever in the playoffs in Ryan Madson.

Cody Ross redefines “15 Minutes Of Fame.”

The Giants’ bullpen shut the Phillies out for seven innings. Disgusting. Five innings? Maybe. I’ll give you even four. But SEVEN?! Including an ineffective looking Tim Lincecum, who struck out Jayson Werth with a 57-foot slider while pitching on 48 hours rest.

The Phillies threw the baseball around in this game like a game of “Hot Potato,” including a misplay by Placido Polanco/Ryan Howard that allowed the tying run to score.

The team had runners on second and third in the bottom of the fourth with nobody out and failed to score. Same with the bottom of the eighth and the bottom of the ninth.They also had the bases loaded in the bottom of the fifth and failed to score. Championship teams get at least one of those runs home by accident.

Who kidnapped Chase Utley? And what in the world have they done with him?

The Giants celebrated winning the pennant on the Phillies’ home field. Talk about a disgrace. They silenced the loudest ballpark in the majors. Charlie Manuel should have brought Ray Rhodes in for one of his famous pre-game motivational speeches. Hey, the Birds stopped Emmitt Smith on 4th and 1 TWICE that day……………….

The Giants obviously wanted this more. There is NO way that the Phillies deserve to be National League Champions the way they played in this series. And in a weird way, that kind of puts things in perspective. They get to go home and ask themselves how they lost the pennant to a team who spent 37 days in first place. Really? Really?

The Giants did win fair and square, but to say the Phillies gave the Giants Game 6 is an understatement  to say the least.

Ryan Howard was clearly the goat of this series, and his strikeout looking on Brian Wilson’s fastball to end the game was just a microcosm for his performance in the 2010 playoffs. We’ve seen Howard hit that ball the other way dozens of times over the last five years. For your cleanup hitter to not have a single RBI in the playoffs is beyond inexcusable. His 12 strikeouts are a new NLCS record in addition to his World Series strikeout record he set last year.

To be fair, one player doesn’t make a team, but Howard has the biggest contract on the team and his salary will increase in the next two years. THAT is why he is being called out. For THAT reason and that reason alone. To be blunt, the entire Phillies’ squad stunk up the joint in the NLCS. Some of them will probably want my head when or if they read this. But deep down, they know this. They know that the Giants robbed them of their place in baseball history because they simply forgot Baseball 101.

To some of the veterans on the team who looked on with general indifference after the game, to a class act like Mike Sweeney, who could barely contain his emotions after the loss, this will stay with most of them forever. To see the overall cockiness of this Giants team as they danced on the Citizens Bank Park field makes me want me to see the Texas Rangers and our old hero Cliff Lee absolutely smoke them.

As history has shown, it’s extremely tough to go to three consecutive World Series. You would think the Phillies’ experience would have won out over the Giants. However, San Fransisco just seemed hungrier. The Phillies redefine disappointing. The Giants were simply better and made things happen.

Needless to say, this is going to be an extremely long off-season for the Phillies. It’s too early to start making decisions for 2011, but if I’m Ruben Amaro, I definitely have more questions than answers. Chances are J.C. Romero, Chad Durbin, and Jose Contreras will be gone. The chances of Jayson Werth returning are slim to none. Ben Fransisco redefines under productive. Can Domonic Brown play at this level? Do you try and trade Raul Ibanez, take on half his salary and try and acquire a legitimate right-handed lead-off hitter? Or someone with some pop? Can Jimmy Rollins play through an entire season? Do you entrust your bullpen to a bunch of rookies because you don’t’ have enough money in the budget to get decent relievers?

Who cares right now? I’m pretty damn disgusted, and I’m tired. I need a break from the Phillies, and that break starts now.

Game over.

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  1. Arrogance

    The Phillies have won 2 World Titles in 127 years.

    How can you guys talk trash about them?

    If you never traded Cliff Lee you wouldn’t be in this situation go deal with it.


    • Really?

      Is Cliff Lee batting cleanup for the Phillies, Rone?

      And if you listen, Giants fans are doing nothing but trash talking.



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