’s Most Eligible Singles for September


Well its back to school and back to work after another awesome summer, although it was pretty hot for my taste. The weather is cooler and the city is buzzing again with harvest fests and fun stuff to do. And once again, we have two more fabulous people for our most eligible singles for September!

Well its back to school and back to work after another awesome summer, although it was pretty hot for my taste. The weather is cooler and the city is buzzing again with harvest fests and fun stuff to do. And once again, we have two more fabulous people for our most eligible singles for September!

First off, there’s Kristin Kyriss, a fun loving and hot special education teacher from Malvern who loves going to Phillies games, car shows, and fun restaurants in the city. She also plays golf and loves Halloween/dressing up. And if interested in our girl Kristen, please don’t text her out….call her and ask her out!

Then we also have Brendan Walsh, a tall, dark, and handsome world traveler who does marketing and business development for a solar energy company. On the side, he also is a musician, promoter/organizer of concerts and charity events, and a polo player. Can’t get any more diverse than that, ladies! And ladies, if you’d like to connect with this busy guy, it would help if you like horses or maybe can at least pet one.

So, if you’d like to meet Kristin or Brendan or just want to attend a fun happy hour, please join us Thursday, September 30th at Raw Lounge’s (1225 Sansom St.) outside courtyard from 6-8pm. There will be great drinks specials as always and fabulous company!

Please feel free to email me your thoughts at  and please keep the nominations coming in for future months. Here is more information about our great catches for this month:

First name: KristinKristin Kyriss- Philly2Philly's Most Eligible September Single

Occupation: Special Ed Teacher

Age: 30

Current location:  Malvern, but can be found in Conshy or the city on a regular basis.

Favorite restaurant in the city:  I’m a foodie so we’ll go with my top favorites: Mexican: El Vez  best guacamole and margaritas not to mention people watching. Italian: La Locanda, by far the best Italian byob in the city, great for dates or groups…love love love! Indian: Lovash, a great little secret on South, fun byob. For atmosphere: Rouge or Devon depending on the weather and what mood you’re in.

Favorite bar:  Another toughie…so we’ll break it down….Bob and Barbara’s is by far the best dive bar in the city. The best entertainment in the area!! You can always find me and my friends having a great time. Do love the Irish Pub on 11th  for Phillies games and new found fav is Tavern on Broad (again for sports games). Bishops Collar….just love that neighborhood, the food, and the scene which is always happening. XIX for something a little fancier which I’m known to love…can’t wear jeans or jerseys all the time so this is a great place for my fabulous shoe collection.

Current cell phone:  After being a devoted Sprint customer for years, I racked up enough points for a new phone…so it’s a fabulous green eco friendly recycled phone. Really just got it because it was my favorite color but I’m helping the earth too so it’s a win- win in my book.

Hobbies/interests:  I’m a total Foodie….I love to cook, collect cookbooks, and my TV is always on the cooking channel. But outside of that, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. In the summer I’m down the shore every weekend. And in the off-season, I’m out and about in the city and always up for an adventure of some sort. I like to play golf, ride horses, go to the gym, go to movies, and all around have a great time enjoying life. You can even find me at car shows with my dad because we both love old cars and going to road rallies and shows.

Favorite sports team:  PHILLIES  of course! I’m a huge Phillies fan and usually get a season package with friends so I can get down as often as possible. If not, I’m watching it somewhere!

Must haves in a mate:  Not to sound vain, but I’m tall so I’m prefer someone who is tall so I can wear my heels with. Aside from that, I like someone who has a sense of humor and doesn’t take life too seriously, play hard, and work hard type. A guy who can throw on a jersey and tailgate but can put on a tux and go to events in the city. But most importantly, someone who can just make me smile even on the bad days.

Dating Dealbreakers:  Texters. I hate when someone asks you for your number and rather than calling you to ask you out, they text you. If you could ask me for my number in the first place, then it shouldn’t be so difficult to follow up with a phone call. I don’t mind the text saying you’re running late or just to say hello but don’t ask me out over text. Oh and the other thing, I don’t like the crazy stalker types…that’s bad too!

Interesting Fact about you:  I went to school in South Carolina and played on the women’s golf team. They needed a fourth to keep the team and so I went out and played with my friend’s clubs and shoes. The funny fact about that is, I had ZERO experience on a course. I shot a 189 my first round (and that’s after they stopped counting) but since then I’ve gotten much much better. I like to go out to the driving range after school and hit a bucket and play when I have the chance. Another fact, I LOVE Halloween! Its my favorite holiday and I love to get dressed up in crazy costumes.


Name: Brendan WalshBrendan Walsh- Philly2Philly's Most Eligible September Single

Background: Not sure if you could tell from the name but most of my family is Irish with a mix of German.

Occupation: My main job is doing marketing and business development for a Spanish Renewable Energy company based in Philly called Gamesa. We develop and construct commercial wind farms around the world. I also promote and organize concerts and charity benefits around the area on the side.

Age: 28

Height: 6’3

School: Temple U.

Years in Philly area : 10

Current location: Center city, does anyone know about North Mole Street?

Hometown: Born in North Carolina but grew up in Fredericksburg, VA.

Favorite restaurant in the city: La Viola

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite bars: Time,  Westy’s Tavern, Rex’s Pizza Happy Hour, G-lounge,  Denim, and Vango.

Current cell phone: Nokia e71x (Nokia’s blackberry)

Hobbies/interests: Equestrian sports, specifically polo and fox hunting, squash, playing music, event consulting, promoting the Brandywine Polo Club in Chester County, land preservation with the Radnor Hunt Race Committee, and travelling. Dancing to good DJs. Writing music with Casey Alvarez.

Favorite sports teams: Livin’ the Vision and the Brandywine Polo Team, Pittsburgh Steelers and Penquins, and USA Soccer.

Favorite DJ’s: Pretty Lights, DJ Issac Jordan (now in Barcelona) and local DJ’s Adrian Hardy and Manny Romano of Marathon Loft Saturdays and Vango Thursdays, and the Chemical Brothers.

Must haves in a mate: 100% honesty, good cook, good dresser, great dancer, multi-lingual, international, and has a positive attitude. I love people that tell good stories and can laugh easily. My future Ms. Right is spontaneous, classy, extremely self-aware, and kind but at the same time driven and anxious to do really fun exciting activities as a couple. It also helps if she likes horses because that is a big part of my life. I prefer taller girls but I’ve dated girls between 5’5-6ft. I like natural girls with little makeup and real beauty. I also like girls with stronger personalities and speak their mind readily.

Dating Dealbreakers: Negativity, lack of drive or ambition, bad breath, non appealing scent, not in touch with reality, liars, complainers, girls who can’t control themselves, flakiness, and a girl who doesn’t know what she wants.

My philosophy: If you want it badly enough and are willing to work for it, it can and will happen. Block out the noise from your life, tv, negative friends and or family, and selfish people and focus on your strengths and what truly drives you. If you surround yourself with people that have similar values and goals and support them first, you will make yourself better and good things will happen for everyone

Fact(s) about you: I spent time as a kid bouncing around Latin America a lot because my father ran companies in Dominican Republic, Venezeula, and Colombia and thus I speak pretty good Spanish. I love travelling and some of my favorite travel destinations have been Buenos Aires, Bogota, Tokyo, Budapest, Rome, Rio, and Kiev. I play bass in a music group called the Casey Alvarez Band. I once gave my sister a bone marrow transplant as a child. She is now healthy and a grad student at Penn. Interesting fact is that I own three rag doll cats that are brothers named Aslan, Kokos, and Mavi and they have won pet Halloween costume contests regularly.

Ex-Bachelor star and winner Helene Eksterowicz is also a co-writer of a dating/self help book called “Nobody’s Perfect” featured on  and Barnes and Noble  a few years ago. Drawing from her reality show dating experience, her background in psychology, and her belief in true love and relationships, Helene is setting out to bring some love back to Philly and help spotlight some eligible singles in order to hopefully find some love matches for others.

You can contact Helene at


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