Phillies Stats and Phun Phacts as they race towards a fourth straight NL East Crown


The Philadelphia Phillies’ magic number of 13 games needs to be reached in orderThe Phils are looking for another celebration this month. Photo: Joe Vallee Sr. to clinch what would be an all-time team record of four straight division titles.

The Philadelphia Phillies’ magic number of 13 games needs to be reached in orderThe Phils are looking for another celebration this month. Photo: Joe Vallee Sr. to clinch what would be an all-time team record of four straight division titles.

This Phillies team  is on pace to win more games than any other previous season in recent memory. In 1976 and 1977, the Phils won a franchise-record 101 games. If they finish strong, the team can possibly equal “Macho Row’s” 97 wins in 1993.

The Phightin’s don’t have the most home or road wins in the NL, but they have the most overall wins with 86.

They have 5,027 at bats, which leads the NL.

Four consecutive months with zero stories falsely triangulating Mick Billmeyer, binoculars, and the Phillies supposedly stealing opposing catcher’s signs.

(How does that theory look now?.)

The lineup has struck out only 963 times, which is the third lowest rate in the league.

Their pitchers lead the majors in only one major category with 1,323 1/3 innings pitched.

They have allowed the second fewest walks in the majors at 370, with only the Minnesota Twins issuing fewer at 323. Most other teams have issued over 400 walks, while some have issued over 500 walks.

Seven out of eight regular position players spent time on the disabled list. The traditional bridge to Lidge of Madson, Durbin, and Romero were all on the disabled list. Of course Lidge was there as well. But Roy Halladay,  Cole Hamels, and now Roy Oswalt have not been disabled.

Oswalt leads Cliff Lee in the best post-trade pitching performance of 2010.

Halladay is tied with C.C. Sabathia  for the major league lead with 19 wins.

Anything better than 0-162 record is more than any Mets team ever deserves to achieve, but Phillies fans still lead the majors in taking pleasure in the New Yorker’s seasonal disasters.

Jason Werth leads the NL with 44 doubles.

Fielding percentages: Shane Victorino .994, Raul Ibanez .990, and Werth .986.

Ryan Howard leads the NL in zero power categories.

They only thing that is not great about Citizens Bank Park is outside Is Carlos Ruiz the Phillies' MVP? Photo by David J. Phillip/Associated Pressof it. It costs fifteen bucks for the privilege of turning your car’s engine off and parking within any reasonable distance of the place.

Carlos Ruiz, who has quietly become one of the best catchers in the game, is hitting forty-one points higher than his career average at .299.

The Atlanta Braves, lead by future Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox, seem to have been viewing downloads of Mets games from September’s past. Keep that high speed stream open a few more weeks.

Mike Sweeney leads the majors in teammate hugs.

Tom McCarthy leads the NL in laughing during broadcasts.

Hamels has more strikeouts, 201, than innings pitched 194 2/3. That is generally a stat only achieved by relievers.

Halladay and Hamels both have over 200 strikeouts and over 200 innings pitched.

Vance Worley leads all starting pitchers in most stylish eyeglasses.

Jaime Moyer leads the majors in number of games dressed in uniform, while injured for the remainder of the season, purely to support his team.

Charlie Manuel leads all contenders as National League Manager of the Year.

Ruben Amaro, Jr.  leads all contenders as National League General Manager of the Year.

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Team Photos: Joe Vallee Sr.

Calros Ruiz photo: David J. Phillip/AP




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