Sarah Palin Will Run For President in 2012 – Count on It


Sarah Palin has not even come close to announcing that she is going to run for President. But, doesn’t it seem inevitable? We know this because of her current and past actions. She knows this because of the impact her very presence makes everywhere. Every time she stirs the passions of supporters and detractors she generates political gold in the form of attention.

Sarah Palin has not even come close to announcing that she is going to run for President. But, doesn’t it seem inevitable? We know this because of her current and past actions. She knows this because of the impact her very presence makes everywhere. Every time she stirs the passions of supporters and detractors she generates political gold in the form of attention. That alone gives her a seemingly significant chance to win any election, because swing voters in these times seem to be choosing fighters, not diplomats.

Palin also knows she is going to run because of the Hillary Clinton factor. How many registered Republican and Independent women can deny that, in their minds, they planned on voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election of 2008. They felt it was time for a woman to be President. Some, who have also experienced shabby treatment from their spouses, understood how tough she showed herself to be when facing the world back in the 1990’s. Not only did her family, friends, and colleagues know her private business, so did all the rest of us. She earned respect from all but the most loyal opposition simply for toughing out her marital situation.

Publicly she somehow handled Bill Clinton, who was twice elected President of the United States and was once elected a world-wide cad. To deal with him and survive surely showed that she she could face anything. Gloria Steinem, Gloria Gaynor, and all the rest of us were impressed. Sometimes unexpected events create a realization that formerly denigrated people aren’t one dimensional cartoon figures. Empathy can create reexamination of beliefs.

This is what is going to happen to Sarah the second time she steps onto the national stage.

The attacks on Palin and her family have resonated well for her, plus she seems primed to pull more female votes than McCain did.

During political elections some feel like they want to help make history. And those types of voters can accomplish that goal. A certain, unknowable, segment of the electorate were comfortable enough with Senator Obama’s campaign presentation. So, this group decided that they wanted to also be part of something historic. The election of an African-American as President allowed people to believe that the United States can right past mistakes by moving forward. Many other governments around the world are forever seemingly repressive and do not have the redemptive nature that our democratic election system allows for.

Now, don’t write off all of President Obama’s voters as mindless lightweights. Were some intoxicated at the thought of taking part in what they saw as social justice? Sure. But, the majority of voters probably did not place that emotional need above political agenda, or even style comparisons. Because in politics, looks count big-time.

The simple visual comparison of Obama and McCain debating was not as stark as the famous 1960 Kennedy-Nixon match. Kennedy won that debate on a glamor knockout. Theirs were similar to the 1984 Reagan-Mondale encounters. While both men shared a likable presence, Reagan commanded the camera. Reaction shots of Mondale raised the question as to whether he was actually considering voting for “The Gipper” himself.

So, on a visual preference scale whose link will voters click on first: Newt Gingrich, Haley Barbour, Mitt Romney, or Palin? Mitt, you have a good head of hair, but Sarah’s is better.

Palin’s entire political career is filled with overcoming long odds and eventually winning. People who thought they knew that she would never make it, watched her win Alaskan elections ranging from City Council, to Mayor, to Governor between 1992-2006. The same political personality types must have thought that Reagan would not be elected President of the Screen Actors Guild, Governor of California, and then twice elected President of the United States. But he was. A few decades later, between January, 1997 and January, 2009 Barack Obama went from winning an Illinois State Senate Seat, to being sworn in as President of the United States. Impressive people accomplish impressive things and often do so more easily because their opposition underestimates their capacity.sarah palin tina fey

Now, how does all of this historical analysis impact to “Mama Grizzly?”

Palin has been spoofed by so many comedians that it’s hard to know if those funny detractors realize that they are giving her free press. Tina Fey’s Saturday Night Live imitation, created laughter at filtered water coolers in offices around the country in the 2008, but time allows people to recreate their images. Palin was smart and laughed along with Fey. Nixon, the butt of jokes, came back himself to become President in 1968 as well. Tough people win.

Sarah Palin may, or may not, win the nomination of her party and then become our first female President in January, 2013. The opposition within her own party will be the strongest she has ever faced. But, who has been putting all of the pieces in place to win the most important popularity contest we have? All of her actions say she is going to run. Now all that is needed is for her to confirm her intentions, on her Facebook page, at some future point. That last line was not an ending joke. Anyone who thinks Palin is a joke has not studied those who knew how to win and then did.

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  1. Excellent article.  No doubt

    Excellent article.  No doubt Palin is priming herself to run. Efforts to marginalize her seem to be backfiring. The Tea Party movement – which until recently was also not taken seriously – could well be significantly more organized in 2012 and is likely to back her. Definitely will be interesting!


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