Philly’s Phinest Profiles Sean Guiney as he walks “300 Miles in 30 Days”


On August 1st, 2010, Sean Guiney will begin a solo walk from Wayne, PA to New York City.Sean Guiney photo by Bill Ecklund:

Oh yes, you didn’t misread. He is walking.

 “300 Miles in 30 Days”  to be exact.

On August 1st, 2010, Sean Guiney will begin a solo walk from Wayne, PA to New York City.Sean Guiney photo by Bill Ecklund:

Oh yes, you didn’t misread. He is walking.

 “300 Miles in 30 Days”  to be exact.

Guiney, the founder of Kids and Hope Foundation, wants to create awareness about the growing number of homeless children and families who wandering the streets in the tri-state area. He is starting this mission with only $50.00 in his pocket, and is planning on surviving with only the bare minimum. Guiney will sleep in a tent each night, and will stop by local churches, rotary clubs, and businesses along the way to spread awareness.

“In my spare time, I have volunteered at local shelters and always wanted to start my own organization helping kids and families,” says Guiney, who also consults businesses find solutions for their marketing needs. Believe it or not, the inspiration for “300 Miles in 30 Days” came to him in a dream about four months ago.

“I awoke one morning and remembered walking a long distance to create awareness and raise funds for ‘Kids and Hope,’ notes Guiney. “I wondered if I walked a long distance and amount of time, it might help generate more awareness. So ‘300 Miles in 30 Days’ was born.” Many charity events might last a day or several hours, so Guiney wanted to stretch out the event over a month to truly make it memorable.

Since his odyssey will take place during one of the hottest months of the year, Guiney is using his fitness background to keep himself in proper physical condition, especially in a summer that has seen record heat waves in the Delaware Valley.

“I was a personal trainer for eight years and learned how to keep myself in good condition throughout the year,” says Guiney. “With the help of Philadelphia Sports Club in Radnor, my intense training has now totaled three months. I created a food program that I used in the past for my clients and myself with great success. My total calories per day is 6000 and that can be achieved with MuscleTech’s Mass-Gainer. Every protein drink has 1000 calories and I consume two drinks per day.

Guiney might be walking alone, but he knows that he cannot reach his goal without the help of people who believe in his quest to make a difference.

“The solo journey is part of my quest to live how a homeless person would for thirty days. People can join me if they please along the way. Maybe a Forrest Gump-like situation may happen.”

“My goal is to raise $10,000, but I am only at $1,700. PSC in Radnor will have a fundraiser when I am gone, and hopefully the members will feel generous and help me raise the funds needed to supply, food, water, proper shelter within their communities. Because no child or families should be without a safe, secure place to live. Especially in the richest country in the world. Raising that $10,000 would be enough to help 10 families.”

“People can go to:  to donate now. Just $20.00 from everyone would help reach my goal. My background is my love for life and helping people be the best they can be. Because there is no place like home.”

Sean Guiney can be reached at


P.O. Box 85, Wayne, PA 19087

Very special thanks to Janelle Moore at SparQ Marketing, LLC

Sean Guiney Photos by Bill Ecklund:

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