Social networks like Facebook and Twitter will play a major role in Chile earthquake relief efforts


Saturday’s catastrophic earthquake in Chile will once again put relief agencies to the test.  Social networks like Facebook and

Saturday’s catastrophic earthquake in Chile will once again put relief agencies to the test.  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter will again play a huge role in both relief efforts and the reporting of news.  Photos are pouring in from Twitter accounts and images like this are horrifying. Chile earthquake

During the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake in January, much of the news updates came through users of Facebook and Twitter. 

Chile will have a better time (if you want to call it that) of recovering than Haiti, because they are much more developed and many of their newer buildings were built to withstand the earthquake.

Haiti is in horrendous shape and is years away from recovering.

Much of the relief efforts will be organized online and already donations can be made through online venues.  Just be wary of who you send money to online.  Try to donate directly to the American Red Cross International Relief Fun if you are wary of donating to other venues. 

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