Sarah Palin and the racist Tea Party Movement vs. Obama and Democracy


Sarah Palin and The Tea Party movement are making many headlines these days as they fortify their position as the key oppositionsarah palin against

Sarah Palin and The Tea Party movement are making many headlines these days as they fortify their position as the key oppositionsarah palin against President Barack Obama.

Make no mistake about it. Sarah Palin is going to run for president in 2012.  And, the millions of morons who follow her with every beck and call will vote for her.  She’ll get a lot of votes.  And, she very well could unseat President Obama in 2012. 

Sarah Palin has now captivated the hearts and minds of conservatives across the country by being the face of the divisive Tea Party movement.  She spoke at the same convention, where a former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo gave a speech calling for literacy tests for voters.

The Tea Baggers are gaining a lot of momentum because the unemployment rate isn’t going down anytime soon.  This is not Obama’s fault though.  He inherited an economy on the brink of disaster, which was losing 750,000 jobs per week in January of last year.  Why was this Obama’s fault? How could it be when he didn’t even take office until the third week of January?

Pretty much every economist predicted that the jobless rate would continue for a while and that unemployment wouldn’t decrease until the second half of 2010.  Things are playing out as predicted.

Do I think all of Obama’s policies are all right? Absolutely not.  The first time homebuyer tax credit and cash for clunkers were great programs for kicking some life into a lifeless economy.  However, you’d have to be under the influence of paint fumes to defend most of the bank bailouts at this point. 

Sarah Palin is riding the backs of angry conservatives and racists who want Obama out of the Oval office either because he’s a Democrat or an African American.  She knows fully well who she’s appeasing and has less shame than an ambulance chaser.

Ultimately Sarah Palin and the Tea Baggers are no more for “democracy” than any other Republicans.   What they want is to see their own kind in the captain’s seat and it has nothing to do with freedom, improving the economy, or stopping terrorism.  It all boils down to keeping their policies in place and bringing back the good ole days of the 2000’s when taxes were cut for the wealthy. 

Which, ultimately benefits a very small percentage. 

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  1. Dennis, you are completely wrong -again. Brilliant.

    Since the birth of “democracy”, many have argued that only the educated and intelligent should have a voice in the government. Not so in America – regardless of education, intelligence and social standing, it’s been one person one vote. But today, the majority party has resurrected the elitist theme – those who disagree are stupid, idiots and morons. Yes Dennis, you are one of the intellectual elite, demeaning the tea party folks as being racist, moronic, etc. In other words, anyone who disagrees with Dennis Bakay is less intelligent than you. And racist. Please… grow up.  Sarah Palin and the tea party movement are not racist. They are not stupid. Perhaps many lack a liberal arts education – like you have- but they are working their butts off and paying their taxes. And many are serving in the military. So that you, Dennis, have a nice safe place to live and have the freedom to pontificate to your heart’s delight. They are the salt of the earth. Who are you?



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