The Morning After- Eagles lose to Cowboys, again


Morning campers,tma

Ok, what’s the over/under on how long it will be before the USC football team goes on probation? What, you think Pete Carroll is leaving because of all that awaits him in Seattle? I’m sorry, is that too cynical of me?

Morning campers,tma

Ok, what’s the over/under on how long it will be before the USC football team goes on probation? What, you think Pete Carroll is leaving because of all that awaits him in Seattle? I’m sorry, is that too cynical of me?

Let’s see, the ‘Hawks have an aging QB, no running back to speak of, a defense that’s porous at best and… you get the idea. Who wouldn’t want to leave the sheer misery and agony of working Southern California? I mean, imagine the horror of having to work in such a deplorable environment, surrounded by co-eds and incredible weather 365 days a year.

I shudder to think about it. I’d much rather work in a locale where it rains 23 hours a day… wouldn’t you?

Oh wait, there is the money thing… maybe Petey went for the Star Bucks… sorry, couldn’t resist.

Ok, time to giddy up…

Sequential fashion this time around…

8:05PM Good kick coverage on opening kick off…

8:09PM Macho Harris can’t make tackle on early/big 3rd down play

8:11PM Felix Jones goes for 30; not a good start kids… defense looks confused and overmatched

8:16PM Takes essentially the entire defense, but they finally get to Romo

8:17PM Defense holds on a 3rd and 32… forces punt. stromboli

8:18PM  Southwest Airlines commercial comes on; grown men cry over suitcases and bags… the Stromboli MQ had for grub is about to come back up…

8:20PM Donovan throws his obligatory 1st pass to the turf

8:22PM 3 and out, ho hum…

8:24PM Felix Jones runs wild…. Something tells me it won’t be the last time

8:26PM Defense holds again; that’s the good news; bad news is Eagles have 1st down at their own 3 following the punt

8:30PM  Ken Hamlin cheap shots Brent Celek; classy move Ken hitting a guy when’s he prone; penalty moves Eagles out of the shadow of their own end zone

8:32PM There goes that… Donnie gets flagged for Intentional Grounding after line did a great job giving him time to find an open receiver; ogood humor manffense looks pathetic especially #5

8:38PM 1st Q comes to an end… 0-0…. Field position has heavily favored the Boys; and is it me or does Wade Phillips always look like he’s thinking about re-stocking his Good Humor truck? I have no idea what that means but the guy never looks like he’s thinking about football….

8:42PM Cowboys strike first following a long Pass Interference penalty on Sheldon Brown and what a surprise an opposing TE scored the touchdown… Eagles D simply cannot consistently stop the Cowboys right now; Jason Garrett is having his way with Sean McDermott right now but to be fair, Garrett has more at his disposal…

8:47PM Wake up kids, the Eagles are alive and well… Michael Vick to Jeremy Maclin and see ya… wow. If… IF the Birds can get a lead, this crowd will turn on the Boys… book it… and admit it, you had visions of Vick as the Eagles QB next year dancing in your head…Will this be theTK Feel Good Fact of the Game? 

8:52PM Romo throws a pick;  Wade awakens long enough to throw the Challenge Flag… if the play stands, Eagles have the ball deep in Dallas land…

8:55PM Play overturned… F%$K… that would have been huge

9:02PM Witten takes a pass down to the 1… gee, do you think the Eagles have an issue covering opposing TEs?so big

9:05PM Boys back up by 7… 2 huge 3rd down conversions on the drive for Dallas… Cris Collinsworth chimes in with the “golly Al, the score looks close but feels like a mismatch doesn’t it?” Of course Al concurs…

9:09PM Wade throws up his hands for no apparent reason… So big Wade, so big!!! Who’s my big boy? Soooo big!!!

9:11PM How great is this? Donovan’s 1st completion of the night (yes his 1st) comes on a 3rd and 4 and he throws for 2 yards… stop me if you’ve seen this before

9:17PM Roy Williams catches another pass and Sheldon Brown looks old…

9:19PM Eagles D holds… Cowboys 17-7

9:24PM Vick fumbles… it’s getting ugly kids… I mean U-G-L-Y…

9:29PM Say it with me… MISDIRECTION fools Eagles D again… Cowboys 24-7… may be your ball game and end of #5’s time in Philly?

9:36PM Weaver fumbles… what’s worse than ugly? Oh yeah, freakin’ embarrassing… How can one team play so bad two weeks in a row? How can one team play with so little emotion two weeks in a row?

9:39PM Asante gets flagged for a Personal Foul… can they stop the game right now? Is that legal?home cookin

9:43PM A home-cooking Pass Interference call on Mikell… 

9:44PM Did I mention Sheldon Brown looks old? Just checkin’…

9:47PM Another Cowboys FG, 27-7… there’s always next year

9:49PM Halftime… what do you think Big Red’s saying to the guys? “It can’t get any worse… can it?”

10:04PM 3 and out for the Eagles 1st possession of 2nd Half… ho-humstop

10:10PM Cowboys punt and are flagged for a penalty but instead of making the Cowboys kick again and allow DeSean Jackson a chance to make a play, the Eagles elect to tack on the 5 yards to the end of his short run… WHY?

10:16PM Has the Eagles’ offense run anything resembling a misdirection like the Cowboys have for the past two weeks? Just wondering…

10:19PM Don sacked… just stop this please, someone please, pretty please… STOP THIS NOW!

10:20PM MQ switches on the movie Gladiator… so that’s a warrior looks like? Hmmm, who knew?

10:26PM You know things are bad when they have to show the same highlight twice because you only have ONE highlight to show… in this case the Michael Vick TD toss… sad and pathetic at the same time

10:27PM I for one cannot wait to see Donovan smile and hug Tony Romo when this is finally over…

10:28PM Felix Jones goes for 73 yards and a TD… (See 8:24PM entry) looks a lot like a younger Brian Westbrook… Cowboys 34-7… Am thinking about what I’m gonna have for breakfast tomorrow at Nifty-Fifty’s, am thinking pancakes…

10:33PM Donovan throws a pick but is saved by a fumble by the Boys… Donovan is done in Philly… book it. D-O-N-E…

10:37PM Eagles fail on 4th and short… may go omelette, yeah, omelette sounds real good right nowomelette

10:40PM Story of the night and last 2 weeks for that matter… Asante drops an INT that’s right in his hands… but hey, at least he was able to smile about it…

10:44PM Screen to Westbrook for 27 yards to end the 3rd Q… say it with me… Where the hell has that been all freakin’ game?

10:47PM two more reasons to hate the Cowboys… Ken Hamlin

10:51PM Wow, the Eagles use a Cowboys play and call a quick WR screen… TD DeSean, Cowboys 34-14…

11:01PM A Cowboys WR screen followed by a draw… you know when the sun comes up every morning, you kind of expect it… so why doesn’t the Eagles D ever show a hint that they know the SAME DAMN PLAYS are being called against them?

11:08PM Just after watching the Cowboys dancing on the sidelines, Donnie gets sacked again… French toast could go, too….

11:09PM DeMarcus Ware causes a fumble; recovered by the Cowboys… Did I mention Donovan was DONE in Philly?

11:15PM is there anything more painful than watching the Cowboys celebrate?  Pomposity personified…

11:18PM Stat is flashed that the Eagles were flagged for 228 yards in penalties… TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT YARDS… let that one sink in for a second…

11:24PM Michaels & Collinsworth take another shot at the Eagles and city… classy guys, real classy…na na na

11:26PM Na Na Na, Hey Hey Goodbye resonates throughout the stadium… Eagles fans would do well to sing the same song to Donovan McNabb…

Well kids, it has truly been my pleasure to bring you the TMA this year and I want to thank my friends Joe Vallee and Dennis Bakay for giving me the forum to bring it to you…

Obviously I hope we all live to see the day when the TMA is following a Super Bowl victory… here’s hoping it’s next year cause we all know we will be back… right back cheering on the Birds. How do I know this? Cause we’re ALL Green Fans

See ya next season…
Steve O

PS As if this didn’t hurt enough… I also had to pay off a bet to a Cowboys fan… check out the avatar on my Twitter page… has to be there til Monday… May God have mercy on my soul.

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  1. TMA

    Loved the article…..the Eagles definitley need to make some changes next season whether it be McNabb, Westbrook, Vick…….change is coming! They did not play like they wanted it as badly as the Cowboys did…..tough loss indeed. I know you enjoyed that breakfast at Nifty Fifites more than that game……I will say it again..tough loss. No ending mentioning Mr. Karr….hmmmm……what is he thinking now? Are you too tough on the Eagles……..I THINK NOT….LOL.




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