Yankees Win World Series, and baseball should be embarrassed


It’s over. So much for Andy Pettitte pitching on three days rest.

It’s over. So much for Andy Pettitte pitching on three days rest.

This Phillies era can now share a dubious distinction with the glory teams of the 70’s and 80’s: They have both won and lost a World Series. Proving once again in the city of Philadelphia that championship bliss can be quite rare and only fleeting. You never wanted the Phillies’ two-year thrill ride to end THIS way. Not THIS soon at least, and NOT to the Yankees. I would have rather had the Rays come back and beat the Phils in 2009 than the Yankees. Not in the 1993-ish fashion of Game 4, which will haunt Phillies and their fans just as equally for years to come. Like 1993, Game 4 was ours for the taking, and both loses cost us those series.’  Most times in Philadelphia we have to expect the unexpected, which happens more often than not. And with the big exception of 2008, it’s usually not a good thing. A year later, we are number two again. Just like that. Someone somewhere has a pretty cruel sense of humor. This almost makes me want to choose the Boston Red Sox as my second favorite team!

I’m not going to get into the particulars of the series again. But admit it: The Yankees outplayed the Phillies when it mattered most. The Yankees executed at the most crucial times when the Phillies didn’t. The Phillies, usually the masters at spearheading comebacks, seemed to lose their edge and clearly didn’t play the type of baseball that got them to the World Series. They got Pettitte out of the game tonight, but after they allowed seven runs. Ryan Howard finally woke up for one at-bat, but they couldn’t even get Mark Teixeira out. Hideki Matsui destroyed us the entire series. Their defense, which has been shaky throughout the playoffs, came back to haunt them dearly tonight. In five years, I don’t think anyone has ever seen Shane Victorino misplay a fly ball. He did tonight, and it cost the team two runs. The Phillies often gave teams four outs during the playoffs this year. Maddening.

With this title, our team could have made history. Instead, they will only go down as a decent team who couldn’t get the job done when they were on the verge of something really special. A team who beat the Rays in the World Series as opposed to a powerhouse like Boston or New York. A few tweaks here and there and the Phillies can get back to the World Series, but they won’t be fighting for their second straight title. This title means nothing to Yankees fans. A 27th title? To quote the late Chris Farley as motivational speaker Matt Foley: “Well Lah-De-Freakin’ Dah!!” This meant EVERYTHING to Philly, and very,very little to New York. But Major League Baseball is happy that “their” Yankees won, so everything is copacetic according to their baseball universe. How else could you explain the Yankees being awarded the opening night 2010 game on ESPN last August? Isn’t that a slot usually reserved for the champs whenever that is decided? Moreover, the fact that Bug Selig lets this team do whatever they want is an atrocity. But then again, what isn’t an atrocity when Bud Selig is involved?

Let’s cut the crap here: I HATE the Yankees. They are an easy team to hate. EVERYONE outside of New York who didn’t have a “grandfather’s brother’s mother” who rooted for the Yankees in the 1930’s HATES the Yankees. From A-Fraud, to the majority of their fan base who think championships are “owed” to them just because they’re the Yankees, to their stadium which the average citizen will never be able to afford, to all the celebrities who show their face at the stadium just to be seen.  It makes me wanna vomit. You know WHY the ratings are so high for this World Series? Because everyone outside of New York was rooting for the Phillies to BEAT the Yankees. I DESPISE this corporate monster who always sacrifices integrity for the almighty dollar. Just look what they did to Joe Torre. That pretty much sums it up. Even Yankees fans who rooted for this team in the late 1990’s now hate the Yankees. They have sacrificed integrity for headcases (Gary Sheffield), prima donnas (Carl Pavano), and violaters of baseball’s substance abuse policy (Pettitte,A-Fraud,Jason Giambi) all because they thought these players would deliver them a title. Who wouldn’t hate everything that they stand for? Personally, I rue the day when their entire empire crumbles. Their World Series victory represents everything wrong with this game. Here is why:

Kids, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how hard you try to succeed at anything. As long as someone has more money than you do, they have an advantage:

If you throw enough crap at the wall, somethings gotta stick. “The Best Team Money Can Buy” has proved that he who has the most toys wins. What kind of message does this send to teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, or even the Cincinnati Reds? All of those teams who were once extremely proud franchises are all but non-existent in Major League Baseball today. The Phillies did benefit as a result of Cleveland’s financial hardships, but the fact that their owner comes out and tells the fans to expect a rebuilding process every four years is truly heartbreaking to their fans as well as the game. Remember when the Royals used to always give the Yankees a run for their money? That can’t happen anymore, because the Royals will need to trade off every player they have once the team can no longer afford them. And the Yankees are at the root of ALL of this. I could give a crap about their fan base, but just go to a Yankees game or watch one on TV and see the empty seats, and in the World Series!! Oh that’s right, I can’t go to that stadium either because I really can’t pay $450 for a ticket. I bet the “suits” have just tons of fun there. The Phillies didn’t “buy” their team- they built it the way the Yankees did in the late 90’s: through their farm system, trades, and some free agent signings.

Kids, if you grow up having no integrity whatsoever and become a greedy, money hungry, self-obssessed, ego maniacal jerk like Alex Rodriguez, you too can get a game-winning hit in a World Series, escape controversy with no consequences or repercussions, and at the end of the day be considered a hero:

The fact that the baseball gods rewarded this “poser” and his obsession with Derek Jeter a championship ring is one of baseball’s all-time disgraces. As long as you win, and it’s the Yankees, everything is ok. Always is. The only worse travesty in baseball history is allowing Barry Bonds to keep baseball’s all-time home run record. Now if you’re going to sit here and tell me he didn’t take steroids, I’m going to look you dead in the eye and say the Nationals will be the 2010 World Champions.

And speaking of steroids………

What kind of example does someone like Rodriguez set when he lies to Katie Couric’s face emphasizing that he never used steroids. Not only did he take steroids, he used them for the three most productive years in his career. Then there’s Andy Pettitte, who admitted to using HGH to recover from a shoulder injury in 2002. Yeah, these guys are TRUE champions. And before people jump on me and say that J.C. Romero did the same thing, the scenarios are 100% different. While Romero presents an interesting case, A-Roid and Pettitte are two ADMITTED users and knew that what they were doing was wrong the entire time.  Why so quiet now, MLB?

Yeah, Yeah, I know I sound like sour grapes. Everyone has to tip their hat to the Yankees. Just because they’re the Yankees, of course. New York took something that Philly wanted. Something that the fans wanted much, much more than any Yankees fan will ever know or realize. Maybe the Phillies finally earned the respect of their baseball peers. If that’s the case, to hell with the moral victory. Rocky had a moral victory, and he lost too. But he did beat Apollo Creed in the sequel, so there’s hope.  In a screwed up way, baseball will convince you that it is now rotating on its “proper” axis. And either Selig is just ecstatic, or oblivious to everything as usual.  Gotta love the excitement of Joe Buck when he screamed “And the Yankees are back on top!”……….

So in closing, my thoughts towards the Yankees can be best expressed by paraphrasing Tanner from The Bad News Bears: “Hey Yankees, take your trophy and shove it straight up your *$%!  And another thing, just wait ’till next year!!”

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  1. Comment from a Fan

    Good morning Joe,
    It is 9am here in South Africa and I was so excited waking up this morning to check the internet to see if the Phillies had squared the series 3 all.
    Much to my disappointment I read that the damn Yankees had won last night.
    I’ve only recently got, as you guys over there call it, Cable TV, here in SA we just call it satellite TV. We get ESPN over here and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the games leading upto the world series.
    I don’t know why but from the first time I saw the Phillies play, they became my team to support. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to visit the States and get across to Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play.
    Anyway I just thought that I’d let you know that there is someone halfway across the world also p*ssed that those steroid using w*nkers from NY won the world series again.
    There is always next year!
    Kind regards


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