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The DugoutAt what point did it become acceptable to be a drunken idiot at Citizens Bank Park? While I think the season with the ill-advised college nights teamed with dollar dogs was a bad idea that was stopped after one season, that didn’t spawn this behavior. The park started as a great, beautiful park that you could take a family to and have a good time. In the past couple of seasons, it has become more and more like a frat party.

The DugoutAt what point did it become acceptable to be a drunken idiot at Citizens Bank Park? While I think the season with the ill-advised college nights teamed with dollar dogs was a bad idea that was stopped after one season, that didn’t spawn this behavior. The park started as a great, beautiful park that you could take a family to and have a good time. In the past couple of seasons, it has become more and more like a frat party. You add that to the fact the team just won a title and it is the place to be in the summer. If you walk through the park, you can see plenty of people wobbling around well before the 5th or 6th inning. I have seen plenty of younger high school or young college kids that were intoxicated. They would walk by security and nothing would happen to them, either. What happened to personal responsibility? When you have this many people that are drunk at games and then use being drunk as an excuse to act like a fool, it is a recipe for disaster. I like to drink as much as the next guy. Hell, I brew my own beer. But I have never been so intoxicated that I picked a fight with other fans or lost control of my own actions… yet you can see that on a nightly basis on a nice night in South Philly.

One of the first things that would help is if the team actually enforced the NO TAILGATING signs in the parking lots, but they won’t. I came out after Friday night’s game to a fresh dent in one of my doors that I’m sure was compliments of one of these idiots I had to park near. A police presence would surely help at the park. Why not be hard on these people and I don’t know….write a DUI ticket or two? I have seen plenty of people drinking in these lots, during the games, and then they stagger back to the parking lot to drive home. This happens at every game I attend.

I was at the game on Saturday. In my section was a very nice polite family from St. Louis who was rooting for the team they loved. It didn’t stop a drunken idiot from insulting the CHILDREN in this group. This “tough guy” went after little kids. Not to mention I kept having inebriated morons stagger through our row because they didn’t KNOW where the hell they were sitting after getting more beers.

Later in the game, we had some “fans” who felt they needed to use red and green laser pointers on the Cardinals hitters to distract and/or annoy the players. You could tell while the game was stopped that the Phillies players were just as pissed as the Cardinals that this was going on. So congrats you morons for giving the real fans of this city another black-eye… and during a nationally-televised game, no less. Before you knew it, stories were burning across the wire all throughout the country about us “out of control savages” that patrol CBP.

Then, in what was probably a alcohol fueled fight, a 22 year-old had his life stolen from him. And the people that murdered David Sale weren’t just young out of control kids… they were 28, 35 and 45. These were grown men that will use the excuse that the booze took hold of them and a tragedy happened. While I was at the game, I don’t know what caused the fight to start in the park, then spill into McFadden’s, then ultimately into the parking lot. Something however, really set off a spark.

If the Phillies don’t crack down hard on under-age drinking at the end of the day, the binge drinking that goes on in the parking lots and the behavior that you see in the park will quickly bring a return of the 700 level crowd that enjoys that reputation. Yes, it would be hard to control the drinking in the lots. Yes, the people would just park in the other lots in the area to drink. Yes, it would be hard to stop a lot of the problems, but they can at least try. If you come out in force, write DUI tickets, and arrest people for drunken and disorderly conduct and/or under-age drinking, maybe the frat party atmosphere will be stopped.


Homepage Photo: Joe Vallee Sr.

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