The Jordan Era is Born


Eddie Jordan ImageAfter almost a dozen interviews, Ed Stefanski has found his guy. On May 29th, Ex-Wizards coach Eddie Jordan was offered a three year coaching job with the Sixers.

Eddie Jordan ImageAfter almost a dozen interviews, Ed Stefanski has found his guy. On May 29th, Ex-Wizards coach Eddie Jordan was offered a three year coaching job with the Sixers.

For me, this doesn’t come as any surprise. The two already have a relationship from working together with the New Jersey Nets. Stefanski ran the front office while Jordan was the assistant head coach. Jordan coached the Washington Wizards for 4 solid seasons, with a combined winning percentage of .521 and taking them to the playoffseach year. Jordan was then released from his duties midway through he 2008-09 season.

That apparently did not dissuade Stefanski from rolling the dice on his old friend. “I saw first-hand the immense impact Eddie Jordan had in helping the Nets reach two NBA Finals and as the head coach in Washington he consistently put his teams in a position to win on a nightly basis,” Stefanski said. “He embodies all the qualities I was looking for in the next head coach of the Sixers and we are very excited to have him in Philadelphia.”

Before his time in New Jersey, Jordan coached 2 seasons as head coach of the Sacramento Kings, missing the playoffs both years. As a player Jordan served 7 years in the NBA and was a part of the 1982 Los Angeles Lakers Championship team.

As it stands right now, hiring Eddie Jordan was the safe option for the Sixers.
He has more heading coaching experience than other prospects like Dwane Casey and Kurt Rambis. And probably didn’t demand the big payday like heavy hitters Jeff Van Gundy and Avery Johnson.

Whether hiring Jordan was the right move or not is of course yet to be seen, but no matter who the coach was going to be, the Sixers still have a couple missing pieces to the puzzle when it comes to their lineup. There is no TRUE shooter on the team and there is really no set position for Andre Iguodala. It’s painfully obvious he’s not a two guard. The money needs to be put into getting the right players for our style of play before we even think about throwing down big money on a coach. And let’s remember that it’s the PLAYERS that will keep people coming back not the guy standing on the sidelines.

Another question on my mind is will Jordan be open to the “Run-N-Gun” philosophy that Stefanski has set up for this young Sixers squad? It still remains to be seen how Elton Brand will be ultimately worked into the young team chemistry and produce a competitive game plan that will result in Ws during the season. And what of Sammy Dalembert and his poor “addytude?” In case you missed it, on Monday, Sammy, in speaking about how he’s perceived in Philly, offered this somewhat delusional take: “…if they don’t think I can do what they need in the time they give me, good luck finding somebody else.”

Uh, ok Sam. Apparently you’re under some impression that you actually offer this team something viable and productive. I must have missed those games.

But be that at is may… the fact is that the Sixers are having trouble putting butts in the seats on a consistent basis, and trust me Uncle Ed (Snider) is noticing. And the fans are having a hard time falling in love with this current roster that does have really good young talent. Signing Eddie Jordan isn’t going to instantly have people buying season ticket packages. But by picking the right person it will provide a spark for the team and also create a buzz for the city and give us fans something to get stoked on. Time will tell if Jordan will provide that spark. In the meantime, Uncle Ed, keep serving those all-you-can-eat nights and hopefully the fans will start showing up for what’s on the court and not just what’s off it, i.e. free nachos and hot dogs.

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