The Top 10 Worst Eagles Draft Picks Of The Past 20 Years


Unnecessary ToughnessThe NFL Draft. AKA the annual collegiate cattle call… or is it chattel call?

Unnecessary ToughnessThe NFL Draft. AKA the annual collegiate cattle call… or is it chattel call?

Every year each NFL franchise has visions of future Canton residents dancing in their heads as they prepare for the two-day extravaganza. But given the sheer number of players drafted each year – 256 were selected in 2009 alone, the odds are more likely that most teams will wake up on Christmas morning – 3-5 years in the future, to find coal in their proverbial stockings.

Sure, sometimes teams “wake up” to find that shiny new bike they weren’t expecting (See: Westbrook, Brian) but unfortunately the boring sweater their Aunt Pearl got them sadly disappoints most teams. Not quite sure what that last part meant, but… play along.

Below are the 10 Eagles’ draft picks who, in some cases, didn’t even wait the obligatory 3-5 years to prove coal-worthy. However, what was most-shocking in compiling this list is how many names I had to leave off because I limited this to 10.

And to add salt to the wound (I’m part masochist on my mother’s side), I will also provide you with a few of the names the Eagles could have selected.

*In creating this list, I limited the “talent” pool to 1989-present AND the player in question had to be a 2rd round pick or higher. If you’re selected in the 3rd round or later, the expectations were not as high and thus did not merit inclusion in this list.

#10 – Bruce Walker, DT (1994, 2nd Round, 37th Overall)

At 6’4”, 310 lbs. and coming from UCLA, one would think this would have been a good, solid pick. Um, no… Ol’ Bruce did not even make it out of training camp. He did however winding up having a cup of coffee with the Patriots. Players of note drafted after Walker: Larry Allen, Jason Sehorn, Tim Ruddy.

#9 – Siran Stacy, RB (1992, 2nd Round, 48th Overall)

After rushing for 2,113 yards and 27 touchdown at ‘Bama, the Birds had high hopes for Stacy. Those hopes were quickly dashed as Siran played one more game than I did in his rookie season and was summarily cut from the team. Course what would you expect from someone named after a plastic wrap? Players of note drafted after Stacy: Eddie Robinson, Chuck Smith, Robert Brooks

#8 – Tommy Jeeter, DT (1992, 3rd Round, 75th Overall)

Same year, different round, same result. Bust. This 6’5”, 285 lb. Longhorn played 36 games for the Eagles and recorded a grand total of 14 tackles. Players of note drafted after Jeeter: Jeff Christy, Keith Hamilton, Edgar Bennett

 #7 – Leonard Renfro, DT (1993, 1st Round, 24th Overall)

After taking another strong candidate for this list, Lester Holmes with the 19th selection, Ray Rhodes turned around and five picks later selected this all-time Eagles plug. In 23 games, Lenny recorded 19 tackles, which come to think of it is a helluva lot better than the aforementioned Mr. Jeeter. Players of note drafted after Renfro: Dana Stubblefield, Michael Strahan, Natrone Means

#6 – Barry Gardner, LB (1999, 2nd Round, 35th Overall)

After hitting a homerun in the 1st Round in his very first Eagles draft, Big Red struck out swinging in picking this 6’1”, 245 lb. linebacker from Northwestern. Barry lasted a respectable 6 years in the NFL, but he never lived up to the expectations that come with being a 2nd Round Pick. Players of note drafted after Gardner: Mike Peterson, Jon Jansen, Mike Rucker (who also happened to be the 3 players taken in succession after Gardner)

#5 – Jessie Small, LB (1989, 2nd Round, 48th Overall)

Yes, he gets a certain modicum of dispensation for being the guy who took out Cowboys K Luis Zendejas in the infamous “Bounty Bowl” but… the man played 53 games and didn’t record a single tackle. That my friends, is hard to do. Players of note drafted after Small: Mark Stepnoski, Jerry Fontenot

#4 – Winston Justice, OT (2006, 2nd Round, 39th Overall)

Contrary to Internet rumors, Giants DE Osi Umenyiora is NOT erecting a statue in Winston’s name nor will he be naming one of his kids Turnstile in his honor, either. He would have been ranked higher if not for the stiffs to come. Players of note drafted after Justice: LenDale White, Greg Jennings, Maurice Jones-Drew, Devin Hester

#3 – Jon Harris, DE (1997, 1st Round, 25th Overall)

He kicks off the “Hat Trick of Horrific Picks.” Did Ray Rhodes really refer to him as “another Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones?” Yeah, and I’m another Brad Pitt. Not all Harris’ fault here as he absolutely had no business being drafted in the 1st round, especially after playing in just 19 games in college. But drafted he was and poorly he did play. That last line sounds almost Shakespearean, doesn’t it? Players of note drafted after Harris: Ross Verba, Jamie Sharper, Tiki Barber

#2 – Mike Mamula, DE (1995, 1st Round, 7th Overall)

Sometimes in life one is faced with monumental decisions. Vanilla or chocolate? Pepperoni or Sausage? Single or two-ply. Well this my friends was one tough conundrum, choosing between M squared and the man I ultimately selected as the worst Eagles draft pick of the past 20 years.

Known by some as The Combine Kid (actually I just made that up) because he changed, literally and figuratively, how people viewed the NFL Combine. Mike Mamula will go down not just in Eagles history, but NFL history as one of the all-time worst draft picks. Oh yeah, in case you forgot, the Eagles traded up to take him, too. I could go on, but you may be eating while you’re reading this and I don’t want to be the reason you blow chunks.

Players of note drafted after Mamula (get ready to openly weep): Joey Galloway, Warren Sapp, Mark Fields, Ruben Brown, Hugh Douglas, Tyrone Wheatley, Ty Law, Derrick Brooks

#1 – Freddie Mitchell, WR (2001, 1st Round, 25th Overall)

What could I possibly write in this space that has not been already written ad infinitum? How about this? When you have more self-imposed nicknames than you do have meaningful catches… you get the point.

In a way I feel bad for FredEx, I truly do.

I have this recurring Norma Desmond-esque image in my head of him sitting alone in his living room, blinds drawn and running on a loop on his TV is the 4th & 26 catch. He’s muttering to himself in a delusional state: “I used to be big… I used to be the man…”

Players of note drafted after Mitchell (again, get the Kleenex out): Reggie Wayne, Todd Heap, Chad Johnson, Chris Chambers, Steve Smith

So there you have it, in all its gory glory, The Top 10 Worst Eagles Draft Picks of the Past 20 Years. Man, can’t wait for the next 20 years. As I said, I am part-masochist.

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